Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I almost BLUE you away!

Me in a pack of wild, delirious students.
Hello Everybody! Today has been another long, boring and very windy day. I was literally almost blown away! So clad in blue today I flew to school. Even though I had to sit through hours of non-stop silence due to the annual TAKS testing, I was still aware enough to sport my blue today. As I mentioned earlier in the week, this week is Caner Awareness Week, and today’s theme was blue. I rocked a casual pair of jeans, gray sequined tank and my cerulean and white striped hoodie.

TADA! Ariel and I.

Blue is the international color for Colon Cancer. The lifetime risk of developing bowel cancer for men is around one in 18. For women, it is around one in 20. And, although I don't personally know someone who is affected by this disease, but I know that there is way too many deaths caused by this disease. So it is time that we spread awareness of this deadly disease.


Jesse looking cool in his sky blue.

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