Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet Pea

Hey Guys! As many of you may  have noticed, my last post was over a month ago, sorry! I have no camera (This shall soon be resolved), and my internet has been up and down lately. But when one of my reader told me how much they missed my posts, I was able to rally up the amazing Trina Nguyen to capture my essence. Hopefully, we can let bygones be bygones! I promise to try to bring you more posts.

With triple digit heat and no car , me and my friends have to resorted to days spent playing minecraft, going on ChatRoulette, jamming out to the radio, swimming, and frolocking in others people's yards and around the neighborhood . Ah, a glimpse of the good old days. I have to admit, I really thought that I would be doing more during this summer. Adventure, vacaton to an exotic location, a job, SOMETHING! But, nothing has reached my neck of the woods just yet.

When walking home, I couldn’t help but stop and admire the beautiful flowers  in someones yard. And BAM! Instant backdrop for a photo shoot.  I really hope they didn't mind. I seriously tried not to pick to many flowers. I would have picked more, if it werent for some serious scolding from Trina.