Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its Jesse Time !

Today's post is special. Today I am going to commemorate and celebrate the amazing Jesse Anyalebechi!

He has taken many pictures of me, so now it is time to showcase him!
Jesse thank you for all of the pictures you took and all of the laughter and incredible poses you gave me.

Pants up or on the ground, Jesse knows how to work it.

Pants up.

Pants Down.

Jesse striking a fierce over the shoulder pose.

Bright + Turquoise make Jesse stand out.

Jesse looking quite tribal and showing his colors.

The Statement Twins! Sparkles and Glitter.

Casual Jesse

Jesse and I comparing butts and mocking poses.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Lightning

Last week, the school's finest took of their day clothes and put of their secret identity. As a part of class war's last week, every single day had a different theme.Tuesday was Superhero day, and i took it to the max. Introducing to you, Black Lightning.

To create Black Lighting I wanted to go out of the box. So, instead of wearing a regular mask and having hathead, I decided to open up my makeup kit and go to work. Using basic eyeliner, eye shadow and lots of glitter, my reinvented  Incredibles mask came to life. My powers include the ability to control lightning, and shoot mini lightning bolts out of every speck of glitter or sequin on my body.

Don't forget glitter on the lips!

The outfit was completely different story. I had to be VERY creative. I knew i wanted my base colors to be black white and silver, so I pulled out everything in my closet with those colors. IN the end I ended up using a sequined leotard, black and white striped leggings, a black v-neck, black and white sequined converse and a black Pashmina scarf to keep things "PG-13".

Although no one believed me, Black Lightning is a real superhero form DC Comics. He is Black, like moi and he can pull of a spandex bodysuit! (Which is harder than it seems) His powers are shooting lightning bolts outside of his hands, and the uncanny ability to beat up bad guys.

Up Up and Away! No Need to Fear, Black Lightning is Here! I am flying to new heights , and i'd like for you to join me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peachey and Speechy

As some of you may know, I am an active member in NFL (National Forensics League! NOT FOOTBALL) and speech and debate. Basically, about once or twice a month my team an I go to citywide tournaments and compete with people from other schools.

I am very fond of poetry. It is one of the only events that can display a whole range of emotions, but does not have to be memorized.  I'm a novice, but I think that I can still give pretty convincing performance. My very first set of poems for this year was , "Last Night I Saw My Life Onstage" and "One Time  The Fat Girl Danced". Both are about women gaining confidence in themselves from other people. I can bust some serious moves and I am an okay singer, but my favorite poem of the year was " I LOVE CAKE".  The fact that the poem fit me perfectly, and I love to scream " I LOVE CAKE!" at the top of my lungs made this my favorite poem yet.

but every so often I get to sub in for debate. Even though I pretty much have no idea what I am doing, I go in , strut my stuff and argue about how i am right and everyone else is wrong. This is why i don't have a very big winning streak :). Sometimes, I get a little out of hand and I tend to yell and spit like some sort of rabid dog.

I want to thank the wonderful JunYun Tan for capturing my essence in these amazing pictures.

Top- A.N.A.     Pants- Not Your Daughter's Jeans     Shoes- Tory Burch     Headband-TASHA