Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flying through Saturday

 Unbelievably, It's already halfway through the weekend and there is only so much time left to relax, and blow off work. So, Go outside. Go hang with some friends. Get some extra sleep. DO  SOMETHING! Don't take the weekend for granted. Yesterday, at the dentist's office I expected to only be there for about an hours. But of course, I spent 3 hours there. Laying back in a chair while 2 women operated on my mouth. I think that i can still hear the sound of that drill in my ear. And after going through that, I am using this weekend to the fullest.

 Its Saturday! Which means that it is the perfect time to sit back and relax with some friends. I called up my friends (Paula, Trina and Elizabeth) and we all headed down to Town Square to watch The Hunger Games and to shop. I even wore my "special" mall shirt with feathers, and loafers . The movie was really good. They left out some little details, but I was expecting it. And of course, the book is Always better than the book. As we were leaving the theater I heard some people saying that they didn't expect Rue or Cinna to be black, and the emotional connection wasn't as strong because of it. Firstly, in the book Rue is said to be "dark-skinned", and I don't know how that translates into anything else . And would the death of an innocent little girl be anymore emotional if she was a different race. Tears would be streaming down my cheeks either way.

You can't go anywhere without the loafers!

After shopping and finding excellent deals in the mall we piddled around playing in fountains and checking out the local batches of guys. A couple of feather fell of my shirt and we joked around that I was "shedding". Overall I had a great Saturday. I recently realized that I have been cooped up in my house doing nothing but sleeping and pulling, all-nighters. So, I am glad that I got out of the house for once.

Shirt- Elie Tahari   Pants- CJ by: Cookie Johnson   Loafers- Tory Burch   Earrings- Betsey Johnson

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Intoxicatingly Sweet

Florals and patterns have been ripping up the runway lately. Alberetta Fereretti, Proenza Schouler and Louis Vuitton have been putting florals on the stage this year. The brighter and more abstract, the better for spring and summer.

Today I decided to revisit the “pattern” trend with some bright and colorful florals. With pink, yellow, green, and purple my top today was definitely colorful. But with the weather that’s been happening I think that it was a nice touch in all of today’s dullness. 

 Despite the Mostly Sunny forecast today and only a 20% chance of rain, it still poured down. It wasn’t anything heavy, but it was still enough rain for me to know that it was there and enough to require an umbrella.Sometimes I would like a very clear and detailed weather forecast, instead of it may rain or it may not. But guess that I will just have to use my imagination. Looks like its time for Rain Boots!

Again as I passed my friend Trina's neighbors house, we saw the field of bluebonnets but today we noticed a blooming Magnolia tree. This beautiful tree with its intoxicatingly sweet smelling flowers has always been my favorite.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Bliss of Blue Bonnets

Today I decided to go with a 2012 trend : Bright colors and pastels. Since it is spring i didn't want to go for an sickly yellow or hot pink, so i decided on a nice teal.

My teal crisscross top was quite confusing today. The two straps that it is made up of can be quite tricky, and if you don't wrap them correctly, you can end up looking a hot mess.

Today, while walking home with my friend (and photographer) Trina , we were passing her neighbors house as usual. Except for today their lawn had sprung up about 4000 Bluebonnets, almost overnight. They were captivating and I knew that this would be my set. Suddenly her neighbor's house became the perfect place to take a picture. 

Please Feel Free to comment on anything. Good and Bad! Suggestions are Welcome.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Leopardess

Big and Bold is what this look is all about! As 2012 brings a new year, it also brings new styles, trends and fashion.  And this look features one of the hottest look this season. BOLD PATTERNS

Patterns vary from animal prints, floral’s, and geometrics. Such as with Michael Kors' Spring/Summer 2012 Runway Collection, this includes patterned pants, shirts, and dresses. Although, as much as I'd LOVE to rock leopard pants, I thought that a simple dress would be more practical.

A Fancy Michael Kors Frock.

I absolutely LOVE Michael Kors, but he the last time I checked, his $500+ garments aren't getting any cheaper, so I guess that I have to make due. I found this cute frock while aimlessly searching racks at Avenue. And BAM! Out of the corner of my eye I spy This Beauty, and I knew that she was coming home with me.

I had so much fun wearing this dress. Almost as if it brought out the "primitive" side of me. I was truly a leopard for a day. If only I could have escaped back to the wild to avoid making up my finals!

Dress - Avenue  Shoes - Rampage

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Michelle Obama-Esque

Today, I wanted to bring the classy back to the trashy. After witnessing people who dress like educated prostitutes, I wanted to put a spin on things. I guess that today’s look was a sort of homage to Michelle Obama and her ladylike ways. I dressed in black and white and completed the look with my black penny loafers and black and white scarf. I felt so prim and proper today. I twirled down the halls, and even spoke in a bit of a British accent of a while.  

TGIT! Only one more day until Friday, one more  until the release of The Hunger Games, and only one more day of finals. Unfortunately, I will be missing finals tomorrow, to be participating in a UIL competition L I’m really going the miss the four hours of testing, but to all of you who are testing tomorrow. Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking a Color Chance

Effie Trinket and her blue homage
Hey Guys! Today is Wednesday, which means two things. I get out of school early (YAY!), and it is only 2 DAYS before the release of The Hunger Games. For all of you who don’t know, The Hunger Games is about 2 teens from district 12, Katniss and Peeta, who must fight for their lives in an arena with 22 other kids. Besides the obvious bloodshed in the book, I also excited for something else, the fashion of people in the in famous Capital. In the Capital, they do everything to the extreme, including changing skin color (Blue, pink, etc.), Wearing extremely avant-garde clothes and wearing huge wigs. I wouldn’t be caught dead with pink skin, or 10 inch heels, so I put my own spin of Capitol fashion.

In the Capitol they ARE NOT afraid of color, so this is the element that I brought into my outfit. Lots and Lots of color! Recently, I had some let over paint form an art project, so I let my imagination (boredom) take over and this is where it led me! These bright leggings sure do get attention! I paired it with my zippered dress and an equally bright lavender ruched shoulder shirt. And Last but not least my grey rain boots, that have seen many puddles today.

 Honestly, at first I was seriously scared of all of these colors. There was so many that I didn't know  if it could possibly work,and i definitely didn't want to be called tacky. But then I realized that nothing in fashion simply "works" by itself,and if I couldn't pull off these leggings, no one could. So, I took the risk and got a fun, and very bright outfit.

What should my next color risk be? Fell free to comment below.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rain Rain GO Away!


 Hey Guys! Today is Tuesday March 20th! It is OFFICALLY SPRING! Which is hard to believe when it rain was pouring down and what seemed like 100 mph winds were destroying the Earth today. SO, since it is the first day of spring, I thought that it was fit to celebrate!                                                                                              

 I thought that it was fit to celebrate! So, I went to the RedBox and got a copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Although, I don’t know is I got what I paid for... I got what looks like a bootleg copy of the movie. I will let you guys be the judges. Bootleg or Real? Answer in the comment section below.

The "bootleg" DVD from RedBox

I woke up this morning planning to wear a nice sundress, but then one look at the news and I knew that I had to scrap that plan. Today there was a 95% chance of rain! Since nature decided to pour down today, I went for something weather proof. Today I wore and favorite grey Cole Haan patent leather WATERPROOF rain boots, my blue skinny jeans and a baby blue farm girl top with a sheer gray tank top. I am so glad that I decided to check the new this morning or I probably would be soaked from head to toe.

My Fabulous Grey Boots!