Monday, March 19, 2012

~Sequins and Ruffles~

Hey Guys! I am going to apologize now. I know that I haven’t posted in a while, but I was incredibly busy this past week. Also, I was lacking a stable Internet connection.  If you don’t know I am from an incredibly small country town in the middle of nowhere, and this is where I spent spring break. Although it is peaceful with beautiful scenery… there is NO INTERNET! But with the help of a few friends and lots of pesky cousins, my hands were full. Surprisingly without Internet the week passed by rather fast, and last night I was devastated to remember that I had school today.

Usually each of my outfits have some kind of central theme, but since I was barley awake this morning and I have spent the last week relaxing… I decided to go for something a bit for comfy and free flowing. Today I wore my comfiest pair of boyfriend cut jeans, a purple tank top with cascading ruffle, a silver sequined toms and baby blue socks with kites.  

The first day back form spring break wasn't as bad a as I thought it was. Although everyone was groggy, tired and seemed to be missing freedom as much as I do. But, at the end of the day school was the place that I seemed to be missing the most.

My comfy, sparkly TOMS and my special kite socks.


  1. you realize you've got the same pair of toms as one of your ex-teachers :)
    also, i enjoy your descriptions. nice blog!

  2. Thanks, Ms.Rodriguez! Actually when I first saw how good they looked on you, I was inspired to get some!


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