Monday, March 5, 2012

Cancer Awarness Week

Hey Everybody! Its Monday and you know what that means, Time to PROCRASTINATE! But, seriously this week is quite special. It is Cancer Awareness week. A week where people around the globe can spread awareness about cancer. To do this, my school is having a different theme for each day to highlight a different type of cancer. This is  something that I hold Dear to my heart. Some of my family members have died from cancer, and recently  one of my classmate Oscar Gregorio was diagnosed with Leukemia. We Miss You Oscar!

Today’s theme was Purple. I was in luck, because not only does purple look excellent against my skin tone, but I had the perfect purple outfit. Today I featured a purple racer back tank top with chiffon around the collar, my cropped trench coat , blue skinny jeans, and last but not least my glittery purple converse.

Jesse, a frequent photo poser, and I.

Thousands of people are affected by cancer every single day. Even if we may not be able affect the cancer itself, we can help the people in need , and show support. Even if the act is as simple as dressing up to spread the word.

My overly Happy friend Collette, and I.

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