Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Lightning

Last week, the school's finest took of their day clothes and put of their secret identity. As a part of class war's last week, every single day had a different theme.Tuesday was Superhero day, and i took it to the max. Introducing to you, Black Lightning.

To create Black Lighting I wanted to go out of the box. So, instead of wearing a regular mask and having hathead, I decided to open up my makeup kit and go to work. Using basic eyeliner, eye shadow and lots of glitter, my reinvented  Incredibles mask came to life. My powers include the ability to control lightning, and shoot mini lightning bolts out of every speck of glitter or sequin on my body.

Don't forget glitter on the lips!

The outfit was completely different story. I had to be VERY creative. I knew i wanted my base colors to be black white and silver, so I pulled out everything in my closet with those colors. IN the end I ended up using a sequined leotard, black and white striped leggings, a black v-neck, black and white sequined converse and a black Pashmina scarf to keep things "PG-13".

Although no one believed me, Black Lightning is a real superhero form DC Comics. He is Black, like moi and he can pull of a spandex bodysuit! (Which is harder than it seems) His powers are shooting lightning bolts outside of his hands, and the uncanny ability to beat up bad guys.

Up Up and Away! No Need to Fear, Black Lightning is Here! I am flying to new heights , and i'd like for you to join me.

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