Thursday, March 22, 2012

Michelle Obama-Esque

Today, I wanted to bring the classy back to the trashy. After witnessing people who dress like educated prostitutes, I wanted to put a spin on things. I guess that today’s look was a sort of homage to Michelle Obama and her ladylike ways. I dressed in black and white and completed the look with my black penny loafers and black and white scarf. I felt so prim and proper today. I twirled down the halls, and even spoke in a bit of a British accent of a while.  

TGIT! Only one more day until Friday, one more  until the release of The Hunger Games, and only one more day of finals. Unfortunately, I will be missing finals tomorrow, to be participating in a UIL competition L I’m really going the miss the four hours of testing, but to all of you who are testing tomorrow. Good Luck!

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  1. hey (: your stalker lisa. (: I will let you do a photoshoot thingy at the dance. If you want you can take pictures of what I am wearing tomorrow I will dress up for you.


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