Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Pink Please

 Hey Guys! It Thursday and you know what that mean!!!...One more day until Friday, and the start of spring break. I am so excited that I could ALMOST jump out of my own skin, but we still have to hold on for ONE MORE DAY! I can almost see the beach and smell the salty air.
Today’s theme for Cancer Awareness week was PINK! Pink represents Breast Cancer, and it just happens that today is also International Women’s Day, so go and show appreciation to all of the great women in your lives! A very influential and great woman I know is a survivor of breast cancer. Miss Kathleen Harrison , one of my loved speech and debate coaches and a devoted and wise English teacher , is a Survivor of Breast Cancer. She inspires me each and every day to keep on going even when life is tough, because she is the LIVING and BREATHING example of determination and strength.
Ms.Harrison sporting her practical green glasses :).

And although some might think that the color is too girlyJ, there was of plenty of young gentleman rocking their pink today as well. Such as the AMAZING Wallace Wilson.
Wallace Wilson, look quite debonair in his pink button-up.
Today, I stepped out in my pink and leopard spotted tank top, to add some definition and POP to the pink. I paired this with my blue skinny jeans and my black leather motorcycle boots.I have gotten used to the stares, and random people jumping into my photos, but it was quite hard taking these pictures. There was high wind and the possibility of rain ,but I love this so much, that I wouldn't mind getting drenched ,as long as my hair stays fine :)

What do you guys/gals think of this outfit. Feel free to comment or email me with comments or any suggestions :)

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