Thursday, March 29, 2012

Intoxicatingly Sweet

Florals and patterns have been ripping up the runway lately. Alberetta Fereretti, Proenza Schouler and Louis Vuitton have been putting florals on the stage this year. The brighter and more abstract, the better for spring and summer.

Today I decided to revisit the “pattern” trend with some bright and colorful florals. With pink, yellow, green, and purple my top today was definitely colorful. But with the weather that’s been happening I think that it was a nice touch in all of today’s dullness. 

 Despite the Mostly Sunny forecast today and only a 20% chance of rain, it still poured down. It wasn’t anything heavy, but it was still enough rain for me to know that it was there and enough to require an umbrella.Sometimes I would like a very clear and detailed weather forecast, instead of it may rain or it may not. But guess that I will just have to use my imagination. Looks like its time for Rain Boots!

Again as I passed my friend Trina's neighbors house, we saw the field of bluebonnets but today we noticed a blooming Magnolia tree. This beautiful tree with its intoxicatingly sweet smelling flowers has always been my favorite.

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