Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Bliss of Blue Bonnets

Today I decided to go with a 2012 trend : Bright colors and pastels. Since it is spring i didn't want to go for an sickly yellow or hot pink, so i decided on a nice teal.

My teal crisscross top was quite confusing today. The two straps that it is made up of can be quite tricky, and if you don't wrap them correctly, you can end up looking a hot mess.

Today, while walking home with my friend (and photographer) Trina , we were passing her neighbors house as usual. Except for today their lawn had sprung up about 4000 Bluebonnets, almost overnight. They were captivating and I knew that this would be my set. Suddenly her neighbor's house became the perfect place to take a picture. 

Please Feel Free to comment on anything. Good and Bad! Suggestions are Welcome.


  1. Your such a beautiful girl, but, dont take this wrong, but your kind of fat. I'm fat, I weigh 155, and I'm becoming anorexic. Wouldnt you like to lose weight too? we can motivate eachother through a hard pro-ana time. I'm not saying it to be mean, but to help ou. You will gain more confidence.

  2. Dear Anon,

    Saying "Don't take it the wrong way" doesn't make it any less offensive, but i don't take offense at all. I am fully aware that I am very full-figured, as are many black women today. I know that i have a big butt, a big belly, and an even bigger personality and smile to match. As for confidence, I think that i have enough for about 10 people. Since i have come to terms with accepting myself for who I am I have had the biggest confidence boost ever. I see super models who are size 0's and 2's and still barely have self-confidence or self-esteem. As for your anorexia darling, I am so sorry. I know that how you perceive yourself and what others think can really put a big toll of your mental health and emotions.Please, don't listen to the haters. Trust me, you are beautiful no matter what! Of course it wouldn't hurt if I lost a few pounds, I want to healthy so there aren't any complications in the future.But I have started a new exercise regimen and have already lost 5 pounds! If you contact me privately at , or sometime else, I would love to talk to you, and BTW I am Always looking for a new exercise buddy!

    XOXO, Kyndhal

    1. I wasn't trying to hurt you. I was merely offering a suggestion. I was anorexic at one point, "got better" but realized I'll never be happy until I'm skinny enough. I’ve seen you in school before. You are outgoing and bright and loud. But you don’t hear the things people say about you behind your back. I stand up for you because I have been in your shoes but I wont be again. I have never been as big as you, considering I'm not your height, but I have been big. I realized that I need to go back to being anorexic when a family member was trying to buy me jeans, and bought me a size 13!!!! I will NEVER wear a size 13. I support you and your attempt to lose weight. Just know that you may not know me, but I’m watching and I’m sticking up for you. I'm hidden behind a mask. Stay yourself always.

      XOXO, Your Hidden Guardian angle

    2. I know how it feels to just reach that point where you say "Oh My Goodness how did I end up here?"However, anorexia isn't going to help anything. If you do anything, please do it the healthy way. If you take shortcuts all of your life,you are never going to know the proper way to do things.I would like to think that people don't say things behind my back, but it's high school and it's pretty much inevitable. Forget the Haters , Right? Thanks for standing up for me:) It takes courage to get away from the bandwagon and actually stick up for what's right.I'm glad to know that people have my back. Please, contact me at so we can talk. I don't care if you have to make up an e-mail address. This should be interesting.


  3. Hey. It’s been a while since we have talked. I’m proud of you. Even though Morgyn is a bitch and rude to you, and you get pissed off, anyone can see it, you stay strong. I want to tell you that my anorexia is getting better, it’s not good or even close to it, but its better. Now I want to talk to you about Morgyn. I have known her since we were 4. Our parents are really close, and she doesn’t talk to me at school. We only talk outside of school. Its sad, but its life. We talked this weekend, about you, in a good I PROMISE, but she’s sad that she hurt you in anyway. She made me promise to say anything, but I have to. She has this thing, where she has emotion, but she doesn’t. Ever since she was little she has been copying emotion and she doesn’t understand why people get mad at her when she’s doing the emotion she thought they wanted. Talk to her about it, she cant lie or deny it now that you know. And dim sorry that I broke my promise. She will probably yell at me later but I’m trying to be a good friend. And I think its time we become closer. I can’t tell you my real name, not yet, but the name I really like is Adaline. You can call me that. Sorry, for you pain. :) I’m still watching and you’re giving me hope and strength.


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