Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peachey and Speechy

As some of you may know, I am an active member in NFL (National Forensics League! NOT FOOTBALL) and speech and debate. Basically, about once or twice a month my team an I go to citywide tournaments and compete with people from other schools.

I am very fond of poetry. It is one of the only events that can display a whole range of emotions, but does not have to be memorized.  I'm a novice, but I think that I can still give pretty convincing performance. My very first set of poems for this year was , "Last Night I Saw My Life Onstage" and "One Time  The Fat Girl Danced". Both are about women gaining confidence in themselves from other people. I can bust some serious moves and I am an okay singer, but my favorite poem of the year was " I LOVE CAKE".  The fact that the poem fit me perfectly, and I love to scream " I LOVE CAKE!" at the top of my lungs made this my favorite poem yet.

but every so often I get to sub in for debate. Even though I pretty much have no idea what I am doing, I go in , strut my stuff and argue about how i am right and everyone else is wrong. This is why i don't have a very big winning streak :). Sometimes, I get a little out of hand and I tend to yell and spit like some sort of rabid dog.

I want to thank the wonderful JunYun Tan for capturing my essence in these amazing pictures.

Top- A.N.A.     Pants- Not Your Daughter's Jeans     Shoes- Tory Burch     Headband-TASHA

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