Friday, March 9, 2012

Fridays, Yellow and Lots of Pennies!

   Hey Guys, do you what day it is? The most wonderful, exciting and waited for day. NO , not Christmas! I’s Friday! Now that the week is over and spring has started, it is time to sleep in, stay up late and procrastinate.

 Today was quite interesting and allowed for me to have a bit of fun. Se all those pennies to the left? Those are for my good friend the lunch man. After being rude and impatient I thought that I would give him something that would take PLENTY of time. So, I paid for lunch in ALL PENNIES. Exactly 150 of them. Of course, he was in shock when I handed them to him, but he simply dumped them into the money tray without even counting! Hmm, maybe next time I’ll only pay half! It’s not like he going to count!

 Also, today was the finale of Cancer Awareness Week. All week we people all over the globe having been showing that support and colors for cancer. Monday was purple, Tuesday was orange, Wednesday was blue, Thursday was pink, and Friday was yellow. Yellow represents early childhood cancer affecting millions of children each year. With the glow of Friday of their faces , and the bright pop of color they are clothed in, hundreds of smiling faces bounced up and down the hallways.

  This floral Derpette shined in her bright yellow sundress.

A yellow backpack really lit up the halls.

The well manicured fingers of Murietta Flores.

Collette and Morgyn .

Collete looking sunny.

Luke the "beach boy" striking a pose.

Tiffany looking as happy as her shirt.

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