Monday, April 2, 2012

Earth Tones

Spring. Usually know for the neon’s and bright colors that you see in nature and on the runways. But it’s 2012 and we are bringing something new to the table. Earth Tones. Behind all of the neon’s of flowers are the soft and neutral greens, browns, and creams of nature. AS seen in Paul and Joe’s Spring/Summer 2012 runway collection, earth tones are busting into some bright territory.

Earth tones are usually seen during the fall, along with boots, long sleeves and scarves. But its 2012 people! Times are a’ changing. Today I went against the overwhelmingly bright colors of spring and toned things down a bit with some nice neutral colors. Even though I love spring, sometimes things just have to be toned down.

Today I wore a multi-colored earth toned dress in a zigzag pattern, paired with my favorite silver sandals from White House/Black Market. I went through so much with those shoes. We went to Mexico together. Fought rain and even slipped a couple of times. And today they…BROKE! They will forever rest in the shoes closet in the sky.  But, with my shoes broken and still 2 hours of school left, I had to improvise. Good thing I am always prepared J Because another Pair of shoes awaited me in my locker.

One of my prized knockout roses.


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