Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wrap It Up!

 Relaxed. Chilled. and Laid back. This is what I am going for now. Its Spring in Houston, which means that it is usually around a hot and stuffy 85 degrees. Most days, I wake up early to curly my ethnic locks, but sometimes change is needed. Instead of wasting 10 minutes on curls , i decided to take one of my favorite scarves a couple of bobby pins, and wrap it up. Since I wrap my hair every night, this was no problem. Plus it kept my bangs out of my face, and my mind off the the horrible humidity.

 I have to say, tying a bow is much hair than it seems. A thought that it would be a 1 minute bow... but turned into almost a 10 minute bow in my quest for perfection. But with the help of a few friends, it turned out perfectly.

 I wanted to keep the focus on the scarf, so I paired it with one of my favorite sequined tops, relaxed "boyfriend" jeans, and my sparkly TOMS.

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