Friday, April 20, 2012

Feeling Frilly with Frappe's

TGIF! I don't know if i can spend another hour looking at books, therefore I have a mental breakdown. As we all know, today is Friday the most anticipate day of the week. And I think that I speak for all when I say " Tanks God It's Friday". Although my only time going to TGIFriday's was on a trip to Disneyland, I might consider going again.

For me, off time is all about three things. Hanging out with my buds, catching up on well deserved sleep and doing my homework ahead of schedule. Today was a hanging type of day. I had plans with some other friends to go and procrastinate at Starbucks, as we try to "research for a project" but unfortunately that plan was canceled. However, when my friends wonderful mother offered, i couldn't resist.

We flaunted into Starbucks and ordered the most frivolous drinks, that had the MOST caffeine. A light green tea frappuccino for me and upside down caramel coffee's for the other two. Instead of hitting and running, we spent a good 2 hours or so talking, gossiping, and sipping on our syrupy drinks.

While we were there, we also managed to snap a few pictures. Even though we received a couple of odd stares, we had fun and owned the place.

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